Work Placements through Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University proudly offers work placement opportunities for Undergraduate students in their third year of study in many of its courses.

These work placement opportunities provide students with invaluable first-hand experience that boosts job prospects and gives students a taste of what is to come after life at University.
Edinburgh Napier University offers placements with highly regarded organisations around the world and with well-known Scottish landmarks and events including The Royal Yacht Britannia, Edinburgh Castle and the Edinburgh International Festival.

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Students use these experiences to build their professional network and develop key employability skills. For international students, it’s fantastic for them to not only gain the skills the work placement provides, but also so that they have something to set them apart on their Resume when they return home after studies. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Without having a placement during my degree, I would not have been able to gain graduate employment with one of the top 100 graduate employers”

“Before the placement, I didn’t know what I wanted to do after my degree…. Now, I am not only more confident where I want to be, I have been offered a graduate position with my placement employer!”

“My learning from placement exceeded my expectations – I really enjoyed and benefited a lot from working in a professional, dynamic environment

The work placements, the teaching, the facilities and the learning environment at Edinburgh Napier University are well recognised. As a result, the Guardian ranks Edinburgh Napier as the #1 University for Nurturing Student Talent in the UK.



Win a full scholarship to Edinburgh Napier!

One lucky American will win a full fees-paid scholarship to come to Edinburgh Napier for a year to study for a tourism-focused Master’s degree.

The university has launched the ‘Destination Edinburgh Scholarship’ which will give the winner the chance to follow an absorbing academic programme, boost their career prospects and enjoy a city with an outstanding quality of life.

As part of a recruitment drive to attract more American students to Edinburgh Napier, would-be students vying for a free place at the country’s number one university for tourism by helping to highlight what its capital has to offer to visitors.

Applicants are being asked to submit a 90-second pitch video explaining, What makes Edinburgh a successful tourism destination?

The seven-week digital competition will end with an online public vote to determine the winner of the scholarship, valued at $16,000.

The winner will also enjoy a programme of cultural activities across Scotland, and will get the chance to share their experiences online as the University’s International Brand Ambassador.

The Destination Edinburgh Scholarship is open for entries until March 30th 2017. A shortlist will be announced on April 13, followed by the public vote and the declaration of the winner on April 26.

For a chance to win, click here for the application form.



Be a virtual tourist to Scotland – thanks to Edinburgh Napier

Scotland’s most stunning sights have been given global exposure in a virtual travel app created by Edinburgh Napier expertise.

People across the world can now instantly walk through the prehistoric Orkney village of Skara Brae, soar high above Edinburgh Castle or journey into the depths of The Hollow Mountain of Ben Cruachan from the comfort of their own home.

The ScotlandVR app – a ground-breaking virtual reality travel experience which immerses web users in Scotland’s remarkable attractions – was launched recently by tourism body VisitScotland.


Featuring state-of-the art 360˚ imagery and footage, users start their journey in a virtual glen complete with mooing Highland Cow, crackling fire and bellowing stag. From there, they can jump into a map of Scotland and experience 26 unique attractions covering every part of the country.

The whole environment can be experienced in Stereoscopic 3D when used with a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset, or in 360˚ view using gyroscope technology in phone mode. Future phases of the software will see new attractions added through refreshed content.

The landmark locations in the launch app were chosen from criteria including footfall, product diversity, online searches and links to the current 2017 Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs, said: “A team from Edinburgh Napier University developed the concept for this app, which demonstrates the pioneering spirit and ingenuity of Scotland’s academic, technology and tourism sectors.”

Fiona Hyslop, MSP


ScotlandVR is available to download from Google Play and Apple Stores.

For more information, visit



My Edinburgh Napier: Peter Scott

Hi, I’m Peter Scott. I used to work at EIC but I’ve been working as an International Support Officer at Edinburgh Napier since May 2015.



My role is primarily about providing immigration and visa advice to our current and potential students.  I help with visa extensions, advice on documents that are required and any other information that an applicant needs in order to have a better chance of a successful visa application.  I also provide pastoral support to those students who require this and general advice on opening a bank account, travelling in the UK and Europe, providing letters of support and helping students if they have any problems or issues that they are not able to resolve themselves.

Being part of an educational institution brings us into contact with the student body and events and activities which are taking place at the University.  I often do not feel that I am working in an office but part of a fun, interesting and rewarding organisation.  I like that in my role I am helping people with visa advice that will hopefully help them gain a visa in order that they can study and gain that all important qualification which will help them in their future careers or businesses.  I like to think that I play a small part in helping them on their journey.

As a city, Edinburgh is very cultured and diverse, with great architecture and nature on your doorstep. It is relatively small and compact and therefore easy to get around, with lots of good bars and restaurants and plenty of things to see and do.

My advice for students coming to Edinburgh would be to embrace the culture and differences and see the move as the start of their future, the start of something great, the beginning of your future career.  Think of all the people you will get to meet and the things you will get to do! Remember that many people do not get the opportunity to go overseas for study or for visits so you are getting a great chance to do something many people would love to do. There is a lot of support at the University and if you feel homesick or are unsure of anything there are lots of people who are more than happy to sit down and listen to you and talk, including myself and my colleague in International Support.


Visiting Edinburgh: A Navitas Staff perspetive

As mentioned last week, we are fortunate enough at the University to be able to host visitors from around the world for tours, conferences and events. Last April, EIC and Edinburgh Napier held their first Agent Conference, and we welcomed Navitas staff and agents to the campus to share with them what we do, and show them a little bit more about student life in this fair city.

Today’s perspective comes from Catherine Jefferies.

Hi, I am Catherine Jefferies and I am UK Regional Account Manager for Navitas UK, based in London.


Every chance I get to go to Edinburgh I jump at. Last year I was lucky enough to be invited to Edinburgh Napier University & EIC’s agent conference.

We were met with a welcome reception with the University vice-Chancellor, Professor Andrea Nolan, and the Navitas Europe CEO, Paul Lovegrove. From there an old-fashioned double-decker bus took us on a tour of the city. We sat at the top of the open-air bus, and although it was a cold day (snow on the mountains in the background!) it was well worth it! From the old buildings and cobbled streets to the castle and Arthur’s Seat beyond.

That evening we were taken out for some traditional Scottish food – haggis and tatties of course! And even sampled the delights of traditional Scottish dancing.

The following day we were taken to the university campus – impressive modern buildings with very friendly and approachable lecturers. I was most impressed by the Health Sciences facilities – in the labs we had a go at extracting DNA from strawberries.

It was a great event, and I cannot wait to return to Edinburgh!

Catherine enjoyed the bus tour. So much to take pictures of!
Catherine gets in the mood for some golf.
Extracting DNA from strawberries with our life-sciences faculty.


Visiting Edinburgh: a Nigerian perspective

We are fortunate enough at the University to be able to host visitors from around the world for tours, conferences and events. Last April, EIC and Edinburgh Napier held their first Agent Conference, and we welcomed Navitas staff and agents to the campus to share with them what we do, and show them a little bit more about student life in this fair city.

We’ve asked a few people who came to tell us about their time. We start today with Kelechi Ekpemu, who works for one of our key partners, TG Marchnata in Nigeria.

Hi, I am Kelechi Ekpemu from Nigeria; I attended the first Destination Edinburgh International Agent Conference in 2016.


This was my first trip to the United Kingdom and I was super excited. My expectations were very high. I was looking forward to seeing what the Capital of Scotland looked like. On arrival as I expected, I was warmly welcomed at the airport. On my way to the hotel, I kept on smiling as I beheld a very beautiful city indeed.

We had a well-planned Itinerary. We visited all three campuses at Craiglockhart, Sighthill and Merchiston, which have state of the art facilities.

It wasn’t all about the University though! I had been looking forward to the Ceilidh Dance and it was great fun. We also climbed up the Arthurs Seat, played golf, had the Scotch Whisky experience too and went on a bus tour round the city. OMG, I wasn’t going to forget the meals! Edinburgh is a very cultural city with lots of different meals beautifully prepared.

Edinburgh is the one tourist destination I would definitely visit again and again.

Post-golf posing!
Setting off up Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano in the middle of the city
The Edinburgh Bus Tour collected our visitors from the Craiglockhart Campus

My Edinburgh Napier: Shuna Marr


Hi, I’m Shuna Marr and I am and Lecturer and the Articulation Support Tutor for the Business School. I joined Edinburgh Napier University in March 2008.

For the first eight years I was a full-time lecturer and programme leader in Tourism, but I am currently working in a seconded post as Articulation Support Tutor for the Business School. With the help of colleagues, my role has been to put together a programme of support to help students make a successful transition from college to 2nd, 3rd or 4th year in university. That includes students who will make the transition from EIC to the main university.

The best thing about working at Edinburgh Napier is my colleagues. There is a real feeling of camaraderie that keeps us going. And the students, who make our job worthwhile.

Edinburgh is a very cosmopolitan city with lots to see and do all year round. My advice to new students would be that any new venture always seems scary because of fear of the unknown. But feel the fear and do it anyway.

My Edinburgh Napier: Cat Morrison


Hi, I’m Cat Morrison and I’ve been with Edinburgh Napier for 11 years.

I’m an International Support Officer and my main responsibilities are dealing with and providing immigration advice to current and prospective students and also to other members of staff at the university, helping students complete their Tier 4 visa application online and sending the applications and supporting documents to the Home Office, enrolling new Tier 4 students capturing their visa/passport information to ensure we remain compliant with UK Visas & Immigration regulations, meet regularly with students as part of their attendance checks to ensure they are engaging and also have their correct contact details along with various other things

I like working at Edinburgh Napier as I personally enjoy the interaction with students and I particularly like seeing the successful outcome of a Tier 4 visa we’ve submitted to the Home Office for extension.   I really enjoy meeting students at matriculation and hearing about their journeys and why they came to Scotland

What’s the best thing about Edinburgh?  Nandos! No, seriously, Edinburgh is a very cultural city and there is plenty to do, simple things like a walk where there is always something interesting to see, eating out with family and friends – there is always something to do in Edinburgh.

Moving can be nerve-wracking.  I come from a small island off the north west coast of Scotland called the Isle of Lewis and I know that my move years ago was nothing in comparison to the miles that some of our students move (even though I did come from overseas – the sea was called The Minch!). However, it was still very much a scary thought – leaving my amazing family and friends behind, moving to a city I’d only been to a few times, a very different way to living compared to my wee (small) island but it actually turned out pretty good……….I’ve made some fantastic new friends since I moved here so please don’t be too nervous, staff at the university are very friendly and more than happy to help you with any concerns you may have

My Edinburgh Napier: Iona Nicolson


Hi – I’m Iona Nicolson, the Careers Adviser for The Business School here at Edinburgh Napier University.  I have worked for Edinburgh Napier University for two years, and my role involves supporting students and graduates with their career planning.

Many students come to see me on a one-to-one basis, and I also deliver workshops, for example this recent session on LinkedIn.  Other workshops we deliver include Successful CVs and Covering Letters, Finding Part-Time Work, Interview Skills, and Winning Applications.  These sessions are very popular with our overseas students who are often seeking part-time employment or work experience during their studies, as well as looking ahead to graduate employment.

The best thing about working at Edinburgh Napier University is having the chance to interact with students from all over the world – every day is completely different!  I also enjoy receiving feedback from students, who let me know that they have been successful in securing their dream job, or work experience opportunity.

I was a student in Edinburgh myself, and came from a remote island called Shetland which is halfway between Scotland and Norway (and is most famous for Shetland ponies!)

Ioan 2.jpg

Although, I still like to go back to visit Shetland, Edinburgh has become my home and I think it is a fantastic city to study and work in.  There are so many great things to see and do, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August and the Edinburgh Christmas Market – these are times during the year where the city really comes alive!  Out with Edinburgh, there are also many other interesting parts of Scotland and Europe which are easily accessible to explore during the weekends, and offer great opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and skiing.

The advice I would give to a student who is nervous about moving overseas is that Edinburgh Napier University has professional, friendly and approachable staff who are here to support you during your time here.  Many of your classes will involve group activities which give you the opportunity to work on projects with local and international students which can really help you to interact.  Another great advantage is the links we have with industry, and many of our courses offer you the opportunity to undertake work placements which give the opportunity to put knowledge into practice.  Employers also attend our events on campus which gives you the chance to build and develop your professional network.

Scotland and Post-Study Work – where are things at?

Scotland has a long history with immigration and we’ve made it pretty clear over the last few years that we firmly believe in the long-term benefits of a post-study work system for international graduates of our universities and colleges. It all kicked off initially in 2004 wih the launch of the ‘Fresh Talent Initiative’ which was launched by the then First Minister, Jack McConnell as a way of arrested a declining population.

Alas, Fresh Talent was subsumed by Westminster in 2008 when the Government brought in Points Based Immigration.

HOWEVER, a pretty heavy campaign has been brewing to expand post-study work rights for international students in Scotland over the last two years. It culminated early this year with formal proposals to the UK government to extend additional post-study work rights to foreign graduates in Scotland and although the British government have rejected those proposals, The Scottish Parliament has since continued to lobby for change. There’s a clear view among educators, political parties, and Scottish businesses that the current visa policy has had a significant negative economic impact in Scotland.

It’s actually pretty interesting, and there’s lots to think about as we continue to push for change. You can read the full article below.

Calton Hill.jpg
Gratuitous Edinburgh sunset shot