My Edinburgh Napier: Alicia Cope

Hi, I’m Alicia and I’ve been with EIC for over a year now – it’s really flown by.


I am Student Support Office at EIC and my role is mostly a mix of compliance and welfare, including orientation and transition. My role is definitely not fixed or boring – one minute I can be helping a student who is worrying about their visa and the next minute I can be organising a trip to Edinburgh Castle.

The best thing about working in a Uni is the frequent change, there’s always a group of new students, new ideas to be tried out and new challenges to undertake as we get bigger and better.

Edinburgh is a small city with a big heart. There are plenty of things to do and plenty of friends to make. It feels safe and yet exciting, familiar but quirky. My advice for students is to embrace everything! It is a great time to try new things as much as possible – arrive with an open mind and it’s amazing how much you will learn and grow in a small space of time.

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