My Edinburgh Napier: Keith Walker

Hi, I am Keith Walker and I’ve been with Edinburgh Napier for 14 years.


I am the subject librarian for Business.  I liaise with academics to makes sure that we have the correct resources to support the teaching on the various programmes and modules.  Resources include books, journals, e-journal databases, business information databases (market research reports, company information), e-books.  I also teach staff and students how to use these resources efficiently.  To help in this I have my own libguide ( which consists of links to the relevant resources for business, as well as video clips on things relevant to information literacy.  Students can make appointments with me to discuss things 1-2-1.

The best thing about working at a University is being there to help staff and students find the right information they need to do their research.  Developing student’s information and digital literacies is essential for academic success, but these are also skills that can be taken into professional and social life.  I also like meeting the students and (hopefully!) being a person they feel they can approach if they have a question – whether it’s about the Library or something completely different.

The best thing about Edinburgh? Heart of Midlothian Football Club!

My advice for new students is obviously it is a big step and you are out of your comfort zone, but it could be the best experience of your life.  Always remember that when you are here, there are so many people around to help you, give advice if needed, so you aren’t on your own!

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