My Edinburgh Napier: Cat Morrison


Hi, I’m Cat Morrison and I’ve been with Edinburgh Napier for 11 years.

I’m an International Support Officer and my main responsibilities are dealing with and providing immigration advice to current and prospective students and also to other members of staff at the university, helping students complete their Tier 4 visa application online and sending the applications and supporting documents to the Home Office, enrolling new Tier 4 students capturing their visa/passport information to ensure we remain compliant with UK Visas & Immigration regulations, meet regularly with students as part of their attendance checks to ensure they are engaging and also have their correct contact details along with various other things

I like working at Edinburgh Napier as I personally enjoy the interaction with students and I particularly like seeing the successful outcome of a Tier 4 visa we’ve submitted to the Home Office for extension.   I really enjoy meeting students at matriculation and hearing about their journeys and why they came to Scotland

What’s the best thing about Edinburgh?  Nandos! No, seriously, Edinburgh is a very cultural city and there is plenty to do, simple things like a walk where there is always something interesting to see, eating out with family and friends – there is always something to do in Edinburgh.

Moving can be nerve-wracking.  I come from a small island off the north west coast of Scotland called the Isle of Lewis and I know that my move years ago was nothing in comparison to the miles that some of our students move (even though I did come from overseas – the sea was called The Minch!). However, it was still very much a scary thought – leaving my amazing family and friends behind, moving to a city I’d only been to a few times, a very different way to living compared to my wee (small) island but it actually turned out pretty good……….I’ve made some fantastic new friends since I moved here so please don’t be too nervous, staff at the university are very friendly and more than happy to help you with any concerns you may have

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