My Edinburgh Napier: Iona Nicolson


Hi – I’m Iona Nicolson, the Careers Adviser for The Business School here at Edinburgh Napier University.  I have worked for Edinburgh Napier University for two years, and my role involves supporting students and graduates with their career planning.

Many students come to see me on a one-to-one basis, and I also deliver workshops, for example this recent session on LinkedIn.  Other workshops we deliver include Successful CVs and Covering Letters, Finding Part-Time Work, Interview Skills, and Winning Applications.  These sessions are very popular with our overseas students who are often seeking part-time employment or work experience during their studies, as well as looking ahead to graduate employment.

The best thing about working at Edinburgh Napier University is having the chance to interact with students from all over the world – every day is completely different!  I also enjoy receiving feedback from students, who let me know that they have been successful in securing their dream job, or work experience opportunity.

I was a student in Edinburgh myself, and came from a remote island called Shetland which is halfway between Scotland and Norway (and is most famous for Shetland ponies!)

Ioan 2.jpg

Although, I still like to go back to visit Shetland, Edinburgh has become my home and I think it is a fantastic city to study and work in.  There are so many great things to see and do, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August and the Edinburgh Christmas Market – these are times during the year where the city really comes alive!  Out with Edinburgh, there are also many other interesting parts of Scotland and Europe which are easily accessible to explore during the weekends, and offer great opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and skiing.

The advice I would give to a student who is nervous about moving overseas is that Edinburgh Napier University has professional, friendly and approachable staff who are here to support you during your time here.  Many of your classes will involve group activities which give you the opportunity to work on projects with local and international students which can really help you to interact.  Another great advantage is the links we have with industry, and many of our courses offer you the opportunity to undertake work placements which give the opportunity to put knowledge into practice.  Employers also attend our events on campus which gives you the chance to build and develop your professional network.

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