My Edinburgh Napier: Marco Rossi


Hi, I am Marco Rossi and I have been with EIC since 2010 when it first opened.

I am the Manager of Academic & Student Services at EIC. I arrange things like the academic timetable and work closely with the teaching team to deliver the curriculum and support students to achieve their desired outcomes. I manage our friendly and fantastic student services staff!

Working at a University is great as you really can see the students develop and I enjoy helping them to achieve their career and academic goals.

There are loads of good things about Edinburgh. I love the diversity of the city, it may be smaller than other capitals but there is always something fun going on.

Moving overseas can be daunting for students. My advice would be to believe in yourself – if you have been made an offer to study at Uni here then we think you can do it. Things might not always go to plan but there will be lots of support on offer to help you. Past students have told me that they are most nervous about making friends but once they arrive there are lots of opportunities to meet new people who they’ll have something in common with.

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