Scotland Welcomes The World


I am TRYING to not take it personally I didn’t get an invite (it must have got lost in the post) but last night sounded like a cracker as Universities Scotland (the umbrella organisation that look after all Unis in Scotland) put on an international Burns Supper. All Unis in Scotland were invited to take 12 students to the event, which was hosted in Edinburgh. Nicola Sturgeon, our First Minister, welcomed international students to the event, and to the country. There was dancing! There were bagpipes! Our students had a great time. So you know, a Burns Supper is an annual event in Scotland. The 25th January marks the birth of our most famous poet, Robert Burns. People gather together to recite poetry and song, and eat haggis. Never tried it? Come and visit and try some – you’ll enjoy it! Nicola Sturgeon left this message for students.

Sturgeon Two.PNG

And then what do you know? I turned up at the Edinburgh Napier Sighthill Campus today, went to get a coffee pre my meeting with the Computing School, and The First Minister was there! Is she following me? Am I following HER? She was meeting student nurses and announced an extra £3m for supporting nurses with dependents.


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